Out of state moving to New Mexico

Moving out of state can be an incredibly taxing process. If you plan to move from New Mexico out of state, we can ensure you have a smooth move. Being the top New Mexico movers, we offer specialized out-of-state moving services like packing and shipping out-of-state, or providing storage for extra items you want to transport later. We provide both residential and commercial out-of-state moves in NM & beyond.

What sets us apart as your go-to interstate mover

Unlike any other movers in New Mexico, our out-of-state movers are experts at easing the transition to a new state. We understand all of these unique differences and make sure to provide quality out-of-state (interstate) moving services.

Our interstate moving process

At JP Moving, we provide you with an all inclusive moving process to ensure you get a hassle-free move out of New Mexico. Here is how we will get your out of state moving organized:

Pre-move consultations

We start with an in-depth assessment of your needs and target dates to meet them. This is a collaborative process where we work together to create a timeline that works for everyone involved.

Book your move

After your initial assessment, we will provide you with a written estimate. We want to make sure that our clients understand their responsibilities and the risks of moving out of state.

Handling all packing details

JP Moving can arrange for professional movers and pack all your items according to industry standards. Moving boxes will be labeled by room and content, packaging paper, bubble wrap/rolls, duct tape, etc. To ensure the safety of your items, we will install padding on our trucks and on your furniture.

Timely delivery

At JP Moving, we believe in timely delivery, so when you move out of state with us, you can rest assured that your items will be delivered on time. If something does go wrong and the arrival date is delayed, we will provide you with daily updates about what happened and how much longer it might take for your items to arrive at their destination. When moving out of state becomes a daunting task, let our interstate movers bring peace of mind to the entire process by providing quality packing, shipping services and storage options.

Transportation during the move

Working seamlessly with our clients, we cross-coordinate schedules between New Mexico moving teams and destination teams on both ends while staying in constant communication throughout the entire move.

Our movers are thoroughly screened and experienced professionals whose sole aim is to ensure you have a smooth transition from one home to another. We provide complete transparency every step of the way, from packing to unpacking and all the steps in between.

Top tips to ensure a seamless out of state move

  • When out-of-state movers arrive at your home or business, make sure that everything is marked clearly. If anything needs special attention, make sure you also include that information in writing on the boxes or furniture, etc. We care about preventing any damage to any of your belongings.
  • Taking a breath to slow down during this process ensures our people can give the proper care while moving. We will treat your belongings with respect and organize everything seamlessly.
  • Just remember that it’s okay to pay more for out of state moving services because out-of-state movers are more experienced, organized, and professional than short distance moving services. We specialize in out of state moves and are prepared to get the work done you need. 

Sometimes moving out of state in New Mexico is necessary.. It can be exciting but stressful if you do not know what to expect and how much it will cost. Following some of these tips can help you prevent delays and mishaps.

What our customers say

Gabriel Gabaldo Gabriel Gabaldo

JP Moving was excellent!!! It was so easy to book the company and not a long wait! Two guys came and moved me and they did it in a professional and careful manner! I was very pleased and happy with their work. I highly recommend them if you are looking to move!!!

Roy Schoenneman Roy Schoenneman

Outstanding service. I highly recommend them. Very careful with your items. They take great care and are very friendly and courteous movers. They keep moving until they are done. Rates are great! They show up at the time they tell you! Thank you for a great experience!

Shae Trujill Shae Trujill

The movers were very friendly and professional with my mother and I during her move. They went above and beyond to make it a very pleasant move! I highly recommend them to anyone who needs this service!

Roberta Edwards Roberta Edwards

Josh and his team were absolutely fantastic to work with! They took great care with my furnishings and completed my move faster than expected, came in well under the quoted price. They handled my wanting to reposition furniture in the new house with grace. Great group of young men, I cannot recommend them enough!

Aldie Leyba Aldie Leyba

Extremely satisfied with the team of Daniel, Michael and Arturo! They were courteous, kind, and handled my belongings with great care, working efficiently and expeditiously. I highly recommend them!

Rebecca Spitz Rebecca Spitz

J.P Moving helped me move into my new home in June. They were professional, efficient, and very friendly. Everything went smoothly and I highly recommend them! J.T. even followed up with a courtesy call to make sure everything went according to plan.

Sharon Lucero Sharon Lucero

Daniel and the guys that came out today to help me move were AWESOME! They got the move done quickly and they were very professional. I will use them again for my next move and will highly recommend them to my friend who will be moving soon. Thank you all for a great job!

    Call JP Moving for a free out of state moving quote

    Out of state moving can be a stressful life event, but it doesn’t have to be with the experts at JP Moving. We handle everything from loading your items on a truck to delivering them to your new location. We do all of our work quickly and efficiently to begin living in your new home.

    General Questions

    JP Moving can send you a video demonstrating how to pack a box.

    No it’s all apart of the hourly rate.

    We usually ask customers not to help moving furniture. The best way a customer can help is having a clear path for the movers to walk and having all furniture disassembled ready to move.

    It all depends on how much you’re moving. We can ask you a few questions to determine how many men you’ll need.

    Local moves are priced based on how many men and trucks you’ll need. 2 men and 1 truck start at $115 per hour.

    Morning time is the best time to move furniture.